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(Warning for Taxidermy and other such disturbing things in links)

The infamous Queen of Hearts' Quarters aren't always equivalent to the fifth floor tea room, mind you. Some older captives may remember being swapped and visiting what appeared to be a normal tearoom on Mirror Side. Her Majesty can access and hide it as needed - a Queen is entitled to her privacy, after all.

Predictably, the room is rather dark - red and black, with splashes of white and gold for accents. It is also a very large room, easily triple the size of the default rooms and more like a fancy suite. The bed is large and ornate (and Queen-sized, naturally) and everything in that area is impeccable. Not so much as a sheet is out of place, and it appears more like a picture from a catalog than a place where someone lives. A vial is on the dresser.

There is a sitting area that is similarly orderly, with an elegant chaise lounge in front of a low table. On that table - a reflecting ball on a small scepter, and it is emitting a gentle, white glow. There are some other chairs, and a chess set but they don't matter. The Queen of Hearts rarely permits guests in her chambers.

It's the remaining third of the room that appears to have been used, or at the very least it seems lively in its own respect. There are many, many, many shelves, filled to the brim with not just books but trinkets, treasures and all sorts of oddities. There are a few dozen globes that slowly spin on their own, and a pair of pocket watches hanging from a peg - one belonging to Her Majesty and another dangling. More mysteriously though there are countless jars, and many of them emit a golden glow. Others have very interesting contents - and some of them will even watch you, as they nervously dart around their prison. There are also various parts scattered around, as well as the means to stitch them together.

It is quite the collection, if you are fortunate enough to view it - or, unfortunate enough. Who allowed you to witness Her Majesty's Quarters?!
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The Queen of Hearts has been in very high demand recently, and not just by the Mirrors and Real Things. No, there is something else craving her attention, and for that reason she has been running. She has been little more than a red blur of motion since the event began, darting back and forth between the Mirror Universe to the Real and back again – anything to try and throw it off her trail.

Her stamina is almost gone though. Near the end, if one blinks, they might see the Queen clearly for just less than a second, running in her signature gown with the Vorpal Sword by her side. Even she in all of her greatness cannot take the strain any longer though. She collapses to her knees in the middle of the main foyer on the Real Side, struggling to catch her breath.

The mansion itself has begun to rebel against her. There is a shaking, almost a growling not unlike a stomach. Then, a hole opens in the floor, trapping the Queen where she is. It begins as a small lasso, but by the time she forces herself to her feet, it is thicker, a bottomless moat.

The Queen stares at the hole, her face white and her breaths halted. Then, she tilts her head to the ceiling and her voice booms.

“You think you can just throw me away like common garbage?” she bellows.

As if replying, the floor quickens its pace, crumbling away at twice the speed. She laughs.

“You are making a grave mistake this time, Wonderland. Wonderland CAN NOT EXIST WITHOUT ME!”

There is barely a foot left for her to stand on, but the Queen is grinning and cackling with a nervous confidence, like someone might laugh at a gun pointed at their face.


She is shrieking by the end, and the mansion has had enough of her. The ground drops from under her feet, and the Queen falls in a flash of light, gone in a gulp. When the glare of white is gone, the floor has been restored, and neither the Queen nor the Vorpal Sword are anywhere to be found.

[ooc: Caught on video for both sides of the mansion to see.]
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The Jabberwocky is still strong – too strong. Even with groups of two or more, no one has been able to beat the Jabberwock into submission. Damage has been dealt, but not enough. None of it has been enough. If things continue this way, there is simply no way the mirrors or the real things will survive this encounter.

By the third, or perhaps fourth day of the battle, a newcomer enters the battlefield. Not a soul saw her enter, but as the Mirrors part the way for her, with their heads respectfully bowed, it becomes clear who stands before them. All fighting slowly comes to a halt, and everything becomes quiet.

In the Queen’s hands, there is an ornate sword, the Vorpal Sword. The metal of the hilt coils around, and the entire sword glistens.

The Jabberwocky, still strong and mighty, growls. It swoops its long neck in low and snaps its metal teeth at her with a clank. The Queen, however, does not waver or tremble. She meets its gaze. There are no speeches. There is no random display of wit. There is no time to be wasted on such nonsense.

She stands at the ready, waiting for the beast to come snicker-snack. It lumbers toward her in a rage, but she does not move.

Then, something changes. The sword is mostly steady, but the Queen trembles. Some silly Real-Things might mistake it for fear, but the Mirrors know better. Some look away, knowing what is about to come. The kettle is about to boil over.

The strike comes fast. There is a quick glimmer of light, and the Jabberwock’s head falls. The neck flails, spurting for a few minutes before the whole body collapses on the ground. And then, the Queen laughs. It begins low, as a chuckle, and rows, escalating to a full-blown cackle. Blood drips from her Vorpal Sword.

Satisfied with her moment, she pulls herself together and peers at her audience.

“Well? What are you still doing here?” she snaps. “Mirrors – return to our side at once! And as for you Real Things, I expect you to scatter and disperse. There’s nothing to see here.”

Before anyone can move to obey or protest, she is gone in a red blur. Another look, and the Jabberwocky is fading away, leaving the earth scarred where it fell. Soon, the only reminder that the Jabberwock was ever there is a large, Jabberwocky-shaped patch of dead grass.


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